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A Closer Look at the Specifics of a Tourism Career

28 JUN 2012
Career Path : Event Planning

Leading a successful career in tourism requires more than just a love for travel. People will require your services in order to ensure that they embark on an unforgettable trip, and the only way to satisfy that responsibility properly is to master every corner of the industry. Here are just a few realms of knowledge that you will need to dive into as you pursue a career in hospitality and tourism.


It is one thing to have a love for travelling, but the tourism industry requires a solid understanding of geography. Visiting the ruins at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, or standing in line at Le Louvre in Paris, France, does not constitute substantial knowledge of either of these cities. Although it is important to preserve a tourist-like anticipation for discovery, it is also vital that tourism professionals be extremely knowledgeable in the geography of the regions they specialize in. In fact, it is better to know the geography of the entire world. Even if you want to work solely in the European sector, understanding the splendour and unique features of each of the respective countries will necessarily require you to know what every other country boasts in comparison.


One of the best features of travelling is being able to encounter the various cultures that exist around the globe. Although each person has their own preferred way to travel, it is important that all respect the culture of the country they are visiting. As a tourism professional, it is therefore important for you to be able to be an information resource for your clients in regards to cultural traditions, norms, expressions and celebrations that they may encounter on their trip.

Event Planning

Taking a few event planning courses is inevitable when undergoing a tourism degree or certification. The key to ensuring that a trip goes as smoothly as possible is nothing other than flawless organization. With every booked plane seat and drafted itinerary is a well thought-out planning process. The most difficult aspect about event planning is mastering the ability to plan according to someone else’s preferences over your own, even if you do know best. For example, if a timid couple prefers to sit under the shade rather than participating in the number of water sports while staying at a resort, then a tourism professional needs to respect that and plan their trip accordingly.

Most tourism colleges will pay close attention to all of these and many other topics. And yes, the roster of topics may seem intimidating, but remember, as a tourism professional you need to be the beckon of knowledge for people who very likely know absolute nothing about a given country or place.

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