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How To Climb In Your First Sales Job

18 SEP 2013
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A good salesperson is a good people person. If you already have your first job in sales, then you probably have already proven to your employer that you know how to deal successfully with people. Moving up in to a sales management position takes more than just great people skills, however. It takes a drive to succeed, coupled with sales management training.

Make your ambitions known

Don’t be shy. If you have the desire to rise in your sales career, you need to let your employer know that right off the bat. Find a mentor in your company who can guide you. Talk to other sales managers and ask their advice. They can tell you what sales training courses are most beneficial.

The right people can tell you the steps to promotion and what you need to do to get to the next level. Every company is different, so having a clear path with all the right steps pointed out is important.

However, don’t be too pushy in your climb to the top. Letting your employer know your ambition is one thing. It shows that you have leadership qualities, or at least aspire to be a leader. However, making your employer think you will leave the company if you are not promoted quickly is another story. Instead, be eager to learn from senior sales people and managers you talk too. Be thankful for any help they may be able to offer you.

Stay on top of the latest sales techniques and trends

Another great career strategy is to take advantage of sales management training. Your company many already offer good sales management courses, so be sure you take advantage of any internal sales training that is offered to you.

Outside sales training courses can be beneficial too—especially to learn a variety of sales techniques. Investigate what courses are available and approach your employer about them. If your employer knows that you have ambition to be a sales manager, and that you already have the drive and the basic skills, then they will most likely invest in your future success. Sales trends change and they understand that it is important that you stay on top of them.

Train yourself too

There are other training tools you can take advantage on your own time. Do you have a long commute? Invest in a training tape and listen to it on the way to work. Read the latest books on sales too. Or investigate blogs. There are many ways you can keep abreast of the latest in sales on your own. This too, shows your ambition and drive.

Stay focused, invest in relationships and find good sales training along the way—there are no limits to how far you will go.

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