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Client Service in a Massage Clinic

27 MAR 2014
Career Path : Massage Therapy

As a young student in massage therapy school, it’s not always easy to pick up on all the subtleties of running a business in addition to learning the trade itself. One of the most important topics of running a massage business is how to retain clients and treat them properly. This is something that even established businesses fail to get right, so a little edge here can go a long way.

Personal Relationships
The key is all in building personal relationships with clients. You don’t want the clients to feel like they are nothing more than a payday for you. If a client feels like they are not important or special at your massage clinic, they won’t come back. There’s a few good ways to make them feel welcome. The easiest is just to engage them in conversation at the table.

Some may prefer silence, and you should respect that. But for many clients, a masseuse who is willing to talk to them about their lives might become the highlight of their day. It’s pretty rare to find someone who is an uncritical listener – if you can become that for your clients, they will feel like you are truly interested in their welfare. This goes beyond a smile at the cash register- you are engaging with their personality and making them feel safe and welcome.

Recognize Challenges for Varied Clients


Every client has unique backgrounds and therapeutic requirements. A massage therapist must be able to assess the client’s specific needs, apply clear boundaries and communication techniques and foster effective therapeutic relationships. Some clients may have mental health issues, post-traumatic stress disorder or various physical ailments that necessitate customized approaches. Conflict resolution, negotiation and assertiveness strategies will ensure mutually beneficial client relationships.

 Professional and Friendly
Outside of the basic massage context, you also need to combine this friendliness with professionalism. For example, returning every client’s phone calls on the same day is imperative to ensuring that they feel that you value their time. You can also take the time to remember little details about each client, from the way they like their massages to the ages of their children. And there’s no reason you can’t make yourself a little cheat sheet with that information! Massage school is not just about massages – you also need to learn how to build a clientele.


Treat your clients with kindness and care, and they will reward you with repeat business. That’s the difference between a one-off client and a regular- you want all of your clients to feel like regulars. So take the time to remember how they like their massages and details about their lives, and they will remember how well you treated them.


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