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A Clear Path to the Future: IT Training

15 NOV 2012
Career Path : Computers and Technology

It’s a little like trying to decide whether you want to buy a new car or real estate. Investing in either is a huge commitment, and requires a thought out decision. Before purchasing, you must also measure the pros and cons of either purchase. This is because while real estate often appreciates, automobiles tend to depreciate. But both may be considered to be necessities and both need to be of good quality. So which should you purchase first, and which one should you invest more in? The answer seems obvious: real estate. This is because property is an asset that grows more valuable over time, while an automobile loses value and requires consistent maintenance (the money spent on this maintenance is never seen again). If you put so much thought into significant purchases, why shouldn’t you put just as much thought into choosing a career field?


Careers in IT training have the capacity to become more valuable as time passes. This is because computer technology is one of the few fields in the world that is guaranteed to move forward. This is because everybody everywhere uses computers for everything from product development to personal use. The majority of information is kept on computers, and for good reason. Between computers, hard drives and the Internet, the technological world is one of the most secure and guaranteed ways to store information. Online interaction also provides individuals with indisputable and concrete evidence if need be.


When making a career choice, it is important to choose a field that will allow you to grow. Computer-related professions offer this opportunity to individuals. As there isn’t a surplus of skilled individuals available to immediately work (and immediately produce) in the IT industry, tech jobs offer competitive salaries and stable employment to qualified individuals. And there is no roof—meaning that there is no limit to where you can take your career, because technology is one of the most constantly evolving fields in the world.


To further emphasize this point, the use of computers is greatly encouraged in the North American education system. This is because computers are recognized as one of the most important forms of information technology. In any field, from teaching to production, those people who have taken computer courses or web design courses (or those who are just better with computers) have an upper hand over their co-workers. In any field, it is important to stand out—it is essential to increase your value as much as possible.


Choosing IT technology as an educational focus can lead to careers in many fields, from software development to web design. Diligent studying and practice can even lead to a career immediately following your graduation (many institutions, as part of their hands-on training offer their students positions as stages, or interns—these can sometimes lead to full-time positions). Be smart about choosing your professional path. After all, your career will only shape the rest of your life.



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