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Who does Christmas best? Holidays Hotels from Around the World

23 DEC 2013


Does the thought of holiday visiting or hosting fill you with more worry than it does cheer?  With increasingly demanding work schedules and busy home lives, planning Christmas activities and travel can be quite stressful. This week, the CTC blog considers the appeal of simply leaving it all behind this season, and heading to a beautiful holiday resort.  The blog post reminds us that

Tis the season to be jolly, but when you’re playing host to family and friends, it can also be the season to panic!  Many people transform their homes into bed and breakfasts in order to accommodate and look after visitors from out town. Keeping everything running smoothly can be a full time, rather exhausting job. For some, it simply makes more sense to let the professionals do the work. This week we look at hotel and resort management who really know how to deck the halls for Christmas, offering the weary a chance to relax and recharge over the holiday.

The post, Holidays Hotels from Around the World profiles three different takes on the Christmas experience abroad, with a focus on rest and relaxation.  The holiday getaway is appealing because it offers families a change of scene, a break from the work of hosting and visiting, and an opportunity to re-connect amidst new and exciting surroundings.  There’s no shame in opting not to do it all yourself this Christmas, and indulging in a little holiday R&R.