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Choosing Medical Assistant Schools: An Essential Checklist

11 DEC 2012
Career Path : Healthcare

Comparing and contrasting medical assistant schools is an important step if you’re looking for a healthcare diploma, but with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to correctly weigh your options to pick the one that’s best for you. There is no universal answer for every student, but considering the following options in relation to your personality and needs should help clarify what is a good match:



If a program is not accessible to you, you simply will not be able to attend. Different medical assistant schools may be close to home or far away, but you must also consider the parking and public transit, as well as other amenities, and your other commitments. A school close by your part time job, but far away from your residence may turn out to be ideal, while one a short drive away, but terrible bus service and amenities may rule it off your list of choices. Schools will usually make their location a selling point, but a quick look on a map can answer a lot of questions.


Prestige and Certification

Medical assistant schools can be anything from private career colleges specializing in just a few areas, to part of a large community college with an easily recognizable brand name. How your healthcare diploma will look to future employers depends not only on how well known the school is, but also their professional memberships. Take care to look over the school’s credentials to be sure your study time won’t be wasted on training you can’t use and that the school can offer valid certification.


Facilities and Learning Methods

There is a lot of variety in how healthcare courses are delivered. You might be one of several students in a traditional classroom, learning individually as part of a computer facilitated individual course of study, or getting most of your training hands-on with practice simulations. Your personal learning style will tell you what works best for you, but take a campus tour of your top choices for medical assistant schools and look at their classrooms and equipment. Also, as you may be spending a lot of time there, don’t forget to look at things like student lounges and other student services. You can find hidden savings if the school has a well equip cafeteria, or you can cut your gym membership and use the student workout room.


Program Length and Intensity

Time to completion and the intensity of your healthcare courses will be related, but faster is not always better. Though you may be eager to get into the workforce quickly, courses that are too crammed full of information may preclude proper learning over skimming just enough to pass, while back-to-back short duration but fulltime classes may make it  impossible to work at the same time as studying, but classes delivered slowly over several years is not ideal either.


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