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Choosing the Right Entertainment for Your Event

11 APR 2014
Career Path : Event Planning
Right Entertainment for Your Event

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Understanding Your Audience 

There’s no doubt that some events are a blast and others are a complete bust. With that being the case, each type of event had someone calling the shots and organizing all the happenings. Knowing the particulars of how to plan for any type of event whether there is live music or not is most definitely a skill. First and foremost, know and understand your audience. You’d never book a metal band to play for a nursing home, so make certain you consider who is going to be attending the event.

If you are promoting an event for a particular musical group, stack the deck and make certain your marketing efforts establish the type of audience you want. Certainly, the audience is the most important consideration, but as an event planner, you are often planning from a different angle. Whether you’re starting with a band and bringing in an audience, or you are starting with an audience and bringing in a band, remember that the audience is the first and most important consideration.

Knowing Your Venue

Right up there with the audience, understanding the physical location of your event is crucial. The venue can really set a tone for the kind of time an audience will have. Make sure you consider all the details such as parking, handicapped accessibility, room size, available restrooms, acoustics, etc. A good event planner will have these elements thought-out well before moving on to other matters.

For musical events, make sure you have an area that is away from the music for people that want or need to talk or socialize. This could be a covered area outside or an adjoining room, but it’s very important to provide people with a place that is a little quieter.

The acoustics of the room are also very important for live musical events. Make sure the band has plenty of space and access to all the electrical outlets they will need. If at all possible, select a venue that has a stage, or elevated area where the band can be set-up. If your event involves music as more of a background entertainment, set the band in a corner area, to provide as much floor space for mingling as possible.

Marketing Efforts

Once the logistics have been considered from every angle, it’s important to market the event properly. If the audience is pre-determined, this is much easier, but it’s still necessary to provide some event information to those you know are attending. A hot looking flier, a Facebook or Twitter reminder, or perhaps a press release about the event in local papers can go a long way. Understand and utilize word of mouth and viral social marketing as much as possible. Students who are studying to become an event planner will come to understand the importance of these skills, just as other novice and seasoned event planners do.


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