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Choosing a College with a Campus Tour

20 AUG 2014

Choosing a College with a Campus TourOne of the best preparations for attending a post-secondary school is to take a tour of the campus. If you are having a hard time deciding between schools, going straight to the campus may be just what you need to finalize your choice. University is an opportunity to choose your working environment, so take advantage of this by taking a tour. Most all post-secondary schools offer tours during both the spring and summer, and you can discover when these schools hold their tours by searching through Canadian college directories.

Knowledge of the Campus Will Save You Money

These days you may find online 3D tours of campuses across the country, but nothing can replicate the experience of actually immersing yourself in campus life. There are a multitude of benefits to taking a foot tour of the campus, some of which can ultimately save you money:

  • Feeling out the dormitories and how they are maintained.
  • Determining if there are adequate study areas.
  • Classroom sizes and atmosphere. The school may use projectors or other methods of teaching which can influence how you learn.
  • Checking food options on campus can help aid your decision of buying a meal plan or not.
  • Some campus tours will allow you the opportunity to interact with professors, especially if your tour is for a specialized program.
  • See the activity of student life. Some schools will host events every week, whereas others are quiet and more studies-focused.

Reap the Benefit of Advice From Current Students

There is always the option of visiting the campus on your own time, but you may miss out on important information. Campus tours are usually headed by senior students who have been at the school for several years, so missing a campus tour may mean missing out on some beneficial tips and advice. If this is the case, it would be helpful to read educational articles to get a grasp on what to expect out of campus life.

Knowledge is the Best Preparation

Seeing the campus ahead of time can take away some of the stress of plunging into a new environment. There are already dozens of changes happening when one attends a college or university for the first time, and being aware of your surroundings is one less thing you can worry about by choosing to take a college campus tour.