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Why Choose Trebas for Film and Television Production

17 MAR 2014

The film and television industry, while taking a bit of a hit due to digital piracy, is coming back bigger than ever. As such, there are a bunch of roles within the production, writing and filming of television shows and movies that are ripe for the picking. This great post by Trebas Institute shows you how their film and television production program might have you on the set of the next big blockbuster.

“One of Canada’s leading film schools, Trebas’ film and television studies program was established in 1979, meaning it’s been around for a while, and it’s seen its share of success stories. The film and television studies program will teach you everything you need know about the production aspect, as well as the management aspect of a career in film. Recognized and acclaimed both nationally and internationally, Trebas is certainly a name that will pique interests. The program begins with a focus on the theoretical aspects of cinema and television, providing an in-depth and over-arching examination of the beginning of film, its progress and where it is today.”

An exceptionally notable name in the world of television and cinema, an education from Trebas in film and television production could lead to you having your name in the credits of your favourite television show or movie franchise. With exceptional hands-on and theoretical training, it’s no wonder that Trebas is one of the most renowned and respected names in the film school world.