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Why Choose Toronto for Film School

19 NOV 2012
Career Path : Audio Engineering

When thinking about applying to film school, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important things is to study in a city that has a strong connection to the film industry. Similarly, one should choose a city that has in itself very cinematic qualities that can inspire a filmmaker’s creativity. Finally, like anyone planning to spend several years studying and honing a craft, one needs to consider the affordability of the city, so that one could focus as much time on learning filmmaking and minimal time working jobs to pay the bills.


For all of the above reasons, Toronto is a fantastic choice for film school. Toronto has several great filmmaking programs ranging from long-term university programs to shorter, more intensive private film schools. It is not uncommon to walk around the city and see film crews working, whether lining streets with vans for full crews and massive gear for the big screen, to seeing two or three young people with digital camcorders making guerrilla short films. A city with many film schools and film students provides many opportunities to network and make connections for the future.


But aside from Toronto’s strong local film scene and its connection with Hollywood and the international film community, there are still other good reasons for taking film courses in Toronto.


Firstly, Toronto as a location is unbeatable. The many different neighborhoods can stand in for not only many different places around the world, but also for different times. The famous Kensington Market can be many European cities or even some of the colonial North Eastern cities of the United States like 19th century Boston, Philadelphia or even New York City. Some of Toronto’s surrounding suburbs can play the “every town” of Western Suburbia, ranging from affluent locations like Rosedale, to simpler middle-America-style suburbs like Don Mills.


Another reason Toronto is so scenic is its versatile weather. Bright, long summers; gorgeous, colorful autumns; blindingly-white winters; glisteningly serene springs: any setting and mood can be captured during the right time. These facts make Toronto not only a great location to shoot, but as a film student, it is a great place to get inspired by setting, location, and atmosphere.


Studying film isn’t cheap, but film school in Toronto won’t break your bank. Rent, for one thing, is only moderately priced compared to other Canadian cities, and much cheaper than in Los Angeles or New York City. Tuition costs are also quite competitive in Toronto in comparison with other major North American cities. With money saved on the cost of living, you will have more money for your student film budgets.


Between Toronto as a setting and Toronto as an affordable city, these are only two of many reasons why Toronto is a great city to study film, get inspired by film, and launch a film career.


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