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Why Choose The City of Toronto to Study Film?

4 APR 2014
Career Path : Filmmaking and Film Editing

Where should I study film? 

You have a passion towards film. The emotions, stories, and messages that movies contain have planted within you a desire to learn more about this creative topic. Many people in the have similar hopes. When one has the desire to see movies for their layers, analyze films for their meaning, and dig deeper into their creative passion, it seems natural that a career in the film industry may be right for them.
There are many places where one could pursue an education studying film, but the best places are where your creative passion is shared. From resources to opportunities, Toronto, Canada is a must when considering areas to study film.

Why Toronto? 

Anyone who has a love for film is familiar with Toronto International Film Festival that takes place each year. This festival alone is the leading public film festival within the world. Every September, over three hundred movies from over sixty countries are streamed. By studying film in Toronto, one has the opportunity to see the inner workings of this festival up close while learning valuable lessons regarding the art of film. The Toronto International Film Festival is a simple example of a city that celebrates the art of film.
The production of film in Toronto is at a major high for North America, making it one of the best places to begin a successful career in film. Toronto is the largest media market in Canada, and the third largest market in North America. The production of domestic film and foreign film is a major local industry, and it has inspired the creation of many jobs – not only in the industry, but in other sectors as well.

This has meant the development of Toronto into a vibrant artistic metropolis, and because Toronto has already capitalized on its robust and multifaceted music scene, it’s a match made in heaven for those with exceptional interest in the arts. The opportunities for growth and development in Toronto are unrivaled by anywhere in Canada at the moment.

Take it to the next level!

It is always a big decision, but in the end, it is your choice. After considering your options, you will have to choose: Is Toronto the city for you to pursue a career in film? Only you can decide. But with the wealth of film producers and directors in the fair city, as well as the immense possibilities for forging lifelong relationships and connections, it’s not hard to see why Toronto is becoming the film hub of Canada. Riding on the success of great films and film festivals, the city is slowly coming into its own as an exceptional destination for great flicks. Choosing one of Toronto’s many film production programs is a great way to get into a rewarding career in the industry.

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