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Chiropractic: A Career in High Demand

19 SEP 2013
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A growing segment of the population seeking health care is interested not only in the quality and cost-effectiveness of the service but also the more subtle long-term implications of personal health as a whole. Complements to the traditional medical system that provide solutions without resorting to invasive surgical or pharmaceutical methods are soaring in popularity. For this reason and many others, the profession of chiropractic has been particularly recognized as being one of the best career choices of 2013 by numerous notable sources, including a number 11 ranking by the influential career website, based on the criteria of physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook.

Chiropractic is a uniquely vitalistic approach to health care, paying particular attention to the spine and how interferences can inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal and self-regulate. The body is a series of interconnected systems, and it is essential that electric nerve impulses flow freely through the brain and the spine to ensure optimal awareness, sensitivity and mobility. Even slight misalignments in the bones of the spine can put pressure on its cord and nerves, disrupting nervous system communication and reducing the body’s ability to function and heal. Doctors of chiropractic locate and adjust these misalignments so that the body may once again be able to heal itself.

Chiropractors routinely report attaining fulfillment from the personal satisfaction of helping others live healthy lives and from being their own boss and starting independent practices. The flexible hours and greater pricing power in relation to general health care practitioners are other factors resulting in high job satisfaction. Forbes ranked chiropractic as one of the “10 Most Profitable Businesses to Start,” and its number eight ranking on the Best Jobs in Health Care List was even higher than a general physician career.

Besides the consistently popular option of opening an independent practice, qualified chiropractors are in high and rising demand, with more than 40% of hospitals having added doctors of chiropractic and other complementary health care providers to their staff. There are all types of clinics, including many sports and military opportunities, requiring qualified graduates of chiropractic school, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in chiropractic will increase 28% by 2020.

Many patients choose chiropractic because of its non-invasive approach to long-term health. Rather than applying drugs and surgeries to mask surface symptoms, chiropractic focuses on restoring the body’s natural balance by resolving the underlying cause of interference. The benefits of understanding health as a lifelong process go beyond the obvious immediate solutions. A four-year medical journal study indicated that patients who visited chiropractors as their primary care providers had a 43% decrease in hospital admissions, a 52% reduction in pharmaceutical costs, and 43% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures. All the evidence rolling in suggests there may be no better time to begin a chiropractic career than now.


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