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From Childhood To The Golden Years: Working For The Community

17 JUL 2012
Career Path : Healthcare

Life is a cycle. At first, we depend on others for our growth and development. Later, we become independent, and use our knowledge and experience to help others gain their independence. At last, we often require the assistance of others as old age reduces our abilities to take care of ourselves. It is a constant give-and-take between those who are able and willing to help, and those who have the experience of life but who require the help to share their wisdom.


When the time comes to choose a career, many people wonder how they can find fulfilling work that gives back to the community by helping others. This is why many people turn to training institutes with programs in community studies and health sciences to discover professions to fulfill these aspirations. Whether you want to work with the extremely young or with the aging (or inform or disabled), the right education will give you the knowledge and experience to help you decide on your path. Two such programs that cover this broad spectrum that one could consider are:


– early childhood education

– personal support workers


Early Childhood Education Training


If you are interested in helping shape young children and helping their families create warm, positive and creative environments for children to grow, then consider a diploma in an early childhood education program. This will provide you with the chance to undergo intensive classroom theory and then give you the opportunity to apply this theory in practical field placements. The student will get a variety of course experience from infant/toddler leaning environments, parent-teacher-child relationships, and health, safety and nutrition classes. With this education, you can go on to gain meaningful employment in nurseries and kindergartens, childcare agencies, and day-care centres, just to name a few.


Personal Support Worker Training


Personal support worker programs provides you with the training to not only assist the elderly, but also with the physically or mentally impaired, chronically ill, or people who have suffered major physical accidents or emotional traumas. The personal care worker often works in the residences of their clients or patients, and maintains strong personal relationships with them. Other areas of employment outside the private residence are hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities. Typical coursework for such a program takes the student through health and illness classes, developmental psychology, mental health and palliative care, among other subjects


Professional employment in either of these fields is much more than giving one’s time and energy in exchange for a paycheck. It is giving back to the community that once gave you the support you needed when you were young, and will be there to give you the comfort you may need one day when you are older. And what you get back for your hard work and dedication in the present, is a gift of gratitude that transcends age and lasts a lifetime.


Visit Mohawk College for more information on community courses and health care science courses.