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Changing the World with Your Digital School Diploma

10 FEB 2014

Regardless of who you are, most people would like to be able to say they changed the world. While people generally associate grand acts like ending world hunger, promoting world peace or amazing scientific discoveries with changing the world, often just a simple act of kindness can have a profound effect. From teaching someone how to use a certain program or learn a certain skill, to taking time out of your day to volunteer with an organization that you think it helping people, there are a ton of little ways to help out those less fortunate, give back to the community and enact a little change. This inspiring post by Digital School has some great tips for their graduates about how they can give back, changing the world with their diploma! It’s a great read, and it’s pretty applicable to anyone who wants to do a little good.

“Your Digital School diploma holds much more power than you think, you can change the world, and even if it’s only in small ways, you’re still doing something and you’re still trying. Here are just a few of the ways that your Digital School diploma can help you change the world.


What’s the most useful thing you can do with your education? Try and educate others! With your Digital School diploma, you’ll be knowledgeable about a whole wealth of computer programs, computer assisted design tips and industry processes, so why not give back by tutoring or teaching friends? Maybe you could teach CAD courses online! The more people know, the more they’re able to help in their own little ways. So share the wealth!”