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Change is in the Air: Commercial Airlines Upgrade and Innovate in 2014

11 MAR 2014

This week, the Canadian Tourism College blog looks at how air travel is changing in 2014. In the race to compete for business, airlines are offering a range of innovations this year, while regulators are re-examining security protocols in order to better manage pre-boarding bottlenecks. January 1st, 2014 marked the one hundred year anniversary of commercial air flight. What began as a single passenger test-flight across Florida has evolved into a multi-billion dollar international enterprise. The blog post, Change is in the Air: Commercial Airlines Upgrade and Innovate in 2014, reflects that since its inaugural voyage,

air travel has become ubiquitous. In 2013, the total number of commercial passengers reached 1.3 billion. An astonishing $6.4 trillion in goods is transported each year by air. We fly for business, for pleasure, to see the world, and soon we’ll fly right up into space as commercial airlines innovate toward new frontiers. Trends in travel and tourism point to sweeping changes for the commercial airline industry this year – some of them will mean improved trips, while others will result in bigger passenger payouts.

The post announces an expanded access to EZ Pass PreCheck, a service that expedites the pre-boarding process for enrolled customers. Travellers can also expect more self-service options, such as tagging and dropping their own baggage, which airlines hope will reduce long line-ups and passenger frustration. And for those of us willing to pay a little extra, many airlines will introduce fully reclining sleeper-seats to first and business class customers scheduled for long journeys.