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12 APR 2013
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Proper certification in software and hardware is essential both to advance your career and help reassure clients of your competency. Information technology of all kinds is an evolving industry, and many workers come from a non-traditional background, with a blend of computer courses and self-taught expertise. Thus certification, which can be proprietary or vendor neutral, rounds off many people’s IT training resumes.


The role of this sort of certification has only expanded with the industry. While in the early days of computer, knowing a few programming languages was enough to be considered more than adequate, now even web design courses or administrative assistant work needs you to be an expert with web analytic software or get credentials to prove you understand various office software.


In some cases, software and hardware manufactures unite for universal standards. This can be necessary professional co-operation and reduces the chances of commercial products being completely displaced by an open source option.  On the other hand, some companies create their own in house certification. The advantage of this is that it is often included with free training materials and minimal certification fees. This allows companies that want to use the hardware or software to be confident in their employee’s abilities, which in turn keeps software or hardware as an industry standard. For example at the buying stage, companies are most likely to use a particular system if they know it will work well without causing additional challenges.


A good place to find help acquiring certification is either through the association that oversees the provision of certification exams, or vocational and professional institutions that offer computer courses. Generally diploma programs of all kinds will offer this sort of IT training to their students, and may even provide exam fees as part of tuition. For employees, some schools actually specialize in corporate computer courses. Many companies budget for their employee’s ongoing education. This sort of investment is very common whether it is a programming language or web design courses.


The way the material is presented also leads to many different ways to learn. Highly motivated learners can often find free online resources or buy instructional books, but even when certification materials are available for free or inexpensively, other students prefer getting the more direct guidance of an education program. Having an experienced veteran help with your IT training can help keep you focused.


With your credentials in hand, this will greatly improve your ability to navigate the changing currents of the IT world. And, as such a natural part of the business, employers expect you to take regular computer courses to collect the appropriate certification as new technology is developed.

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