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Celebrating the Science of Separation: HPLC Conference 2014

31 MAR 2014

This week, the AAPS blog previews the upcoming HPLC Conference, which will run from May 11-15 in New Orleans. A crucial event for both students and professionals in the field, the conference will present numerous opportunities to discover all that is cutting-edge in the world of LC. The blog post, Celebrating the Science of Separation: HPLC Conference 2014, underscores the relevance of scientific progress in LC and points out that

From applications in agriculture to forensics and pharmaceutical testing, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is an essential analytic tool across several market sectors. This year’s HPLC Conference will attract an interdisciplinary gathering of scientists dedicated to sharing experiences, exploring new techniques, and brainstorming solutions to challenges in the field of liquid-phase separation. From May 11-15, the New Orleans Hilton will host intensive HPLC courses, poster competitions and cutting-edge product demonstrations. HPLC 2014 presents an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest instrumentation and software while networking with industry experts and enthusiasts.

The post explains that the annual conference is as much about celebrating the work of experts as it is about encouraging newcomers to the field. Numerous travel grants will be awarded to eligible PhD candidates who will either present a poster or give a talk at the event. The grants come from institutions around the world, and are dedicated to supporting cutting-edge research and innovation. Spanish, Austrian, Swiss and American donors will all endow students with the funds they need to continue their work in HPLC, much of which is focused on areas expected to see substantial growth over the next few years. Expert panels will discuss these growing sectors in LC, such as energy and agriculture, biopharmaceuticals and advanced detection techniques.