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17 JUL 2013
Career Path : Childcare

The desire to help children, or anyone in need, is one of the most commendable of traits. This is, perhaps, a trait that you have decided to cultivate within yourself through the use of proper training and education. You may or may not be surprised to know that social work, at least the sort that was paid for, only began about two centuries ago in both Europe and America. Originally termed ‘social welfare’, it was a means of looking after the medicinal needs of the poor, rather than their mental or emotional state. At the time, no formal education was provided for those working in such professions. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that colleges began to offer actual nursing programs and degrees to those in the field- previous to that most social workers were informally trained to be nurses.

Conversely teachers, tutors, and their apprentices have been around since the beginning of recorded history- perhaps longer. Though not generally considered social workers, they are likely to have had some of the largest impact on each and every generation in society. Through the years, in this case much like social work, teachers’ jobs have branched out to accompany the changing needs of the people that they work with. If you’re looking to start a career, or simply volunteer, in either social work or educational work, it is important to gain the necessary training to satisfy those changing needs.

This is where Early Childhood College comes into play. Earning a degree, or at least attending some courses, can truly set you on the path for success. Through your coursework you will gain invaluable skills and attributes needed for the maximum growth and development of both those that you work with, and yourself. Just like anything else in life, you need to know what you’re doing in order to succeed.

If you’re not interested so much in working with the youth in society, taking any Personal Support Worker Course will have the same successful impact on both you and those that you do decide to work with. As you can imagine, the focus of a personal support worker course will not always be geared towards the same things as courses taken at an early childhood college. Personal support workers have a plethora of jobs available to them, once trained; from counseling, to work in rehabilitation centers, to at-home care, and beyond- the jobs available vary.

There are never enough people when it comes to caring for, or teaching, others. Whether you live in an urban area or rural, the need is there. Those needs, however, can only be fulfilled by individuals that are actually qualified for the work. In this day and age it is extremely difficult to be hired for any job without having some sort of educational background or experience. It is strongly suggested that, should you choose this sort of work, you properly prepare yourself through any coursework available to you. It will make all the difference in the world to both your resume and yourself.

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