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Careers in Quality Assurance and Quality Control: Humble Heroes

14 MAY 2012
Career Path : Food Safety and Quality

Why are quality assurance and quality control workers humble heroes? Because they work behind the scenes to ensure that the products we consume are safe. You can find them in food and pharmaceutical laboratories across the land. Some work in the private sector, making sure that products meet company standards; others work in the public sector, serving as a safeguard against error. Contemplating joining their ranks? Read on to learn more about this essential sector that protects you and your loved ones from foodborne illness and other threats.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Some of these humble heroes work in pharmaceutical testing laboratories helping to make sure that products in our medicine cabinets meet stringent safety standards. Does this sound like an interesting calling to you? If so, there are different options for you to consider, depending on where your talents lie.

Pharmaceutical testing laboratories require a variety of staff, including project managers and pharmaceutical technicians.

Project managers oversee pharmaceutical testing from start to finish: during the research and development phase, during quality assurance and quality control…

Do you think you have what it takes to manage pharmaceutical testing projects?

You must have a good understanding of the demands of pharmaceutical testing (the tools used, the regulations, etc.) as well as of the human or organizational dimension, i.e., motivating the team, keeping projects on schedule, assigning tasks, measuring results.

Or perhaps you can see yourself in the role of a pharmaceutical technician, AKA a quality assurance and quality control analyst, which is to say that you picture yourself:

  • wearing a white coat, working in a laboratory, analyzing test results
  • using Auto-Titrators, Hardness Testers, and other kinds of cool lab equipment

Tasks performed by pharmaceutical technicians include:

  • developing pharmaceutical testing practices for their organization
  • establishing expiry dates for products

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Jobs in the Food Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is not the only sector with quality assurance and quality control jobs. Food quality training can prepare you for a career in a food product plant, testing and developing new products. It can also prepare you to work on the front lines of food safety, as a food inspector for a governmental agency.

Students of food quality training learn many of the same lessons as students of pharmaceutical testing. They learn:

  • how to conduct clinical trials
  • chemistry
  • microbiology
  • about laws affecting manufacturing
  • best practices

Pharmaceutical testing and food testing have a lot of overlap, including, perhaps most importantly, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are helping to keep the world a safer place for all.