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Careers for the People Person

9 APR 2013
Career Path : Healthcare

Being a people person is an amazing gift. Whether it is your boundless patience for others, or your ability to forge strong connections, being empathetic, socially considerate and otherwise able to bond well with people also gives you some guidance in choosing a career path. For example a personal support worker course will prepare you for a career working with the elderly and the disabled. Alternatively all your pep and energy can be challenged into the training you would get at an early childhood college.


On the other hand, do not neglect professions that appear to be for introverts only. For example many of the paths that follow accounting courses involve extensive work with people. Whether you are part of the admin team in a busy office or helping individuals with their taxes, the ability to communicate well with others is especially great when it comes to translating between the language of math and what people commonly talk about.


Incidentally, as an extraverted person, you may find you have an easier time with more hands on programs and schools. A curriculum that either involves you in a dialog or gets to doing the work you’re being trained to do will help a lot better than passive delivery method where you simply absorb material from a lecture. Thankfully all sorts of schools are getting more sensitive to how people learn and so they are many options for interactive lessons, including schools that focus on having a small class size of make heavy use of practicums. The school may even be a functioning business. For example at an early childhood college may have an internal daycare to help you get early exposure to the sort of responsibilities you will face.


Additionally, some of the best study tips are a natural thing for a people person. Get stuck in your accounting courses? No worries! The technique of explaining the material to others as if you were tutoring them will help make things stick. You will not have any problems asking questions, which will also be very helpful to your surrounding peers.


A good vocational counselor will help you pick up on your strengths and point you in the right direction for your career. For example your empathy will help you become a good manager, while your ability to get along with everyone and pull the spotlight onto yourself will help you get promoted fast. Of course there are many types of people person. You might be a gregarious social butterfly who always knows where the fun is, a caring older sibling who can always stand up for people or you might be good at being a listener, not so much a talker as talented at making others talk. Regardless there’s a place for everyone.

Visit The National Academy of Health and Business for more information on personality and how that might suit you for a personal support worker course.