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New Careers in the Mobile Web World

14 MAR 2013
Career Path : Administration

Canadians are both among some of the highest number of internet users per capita, and also leaders in smart phone ownership. Perhaps because one of the precursors to the modern smart phone was developed by a Canadian, or simply because of an educated population with a large amount of disposable income, they also lead among populations with smart phones, and Toronto, as the most populous city is one of the global leaders for this technology.


As a result, Canada is particularly strongly positioned to be a part of the developing mobile web. Before smart phones, the trend in mobile technology was for increasingly small phones, with thinner and thinner designs. Units were flip open or slide panel, with a small keyboard and display screen. A smart phone is basically an integrated computer. Some use a mix of touch screens and buttons, and some still have a keyboard. They combine the ability of a simple notebook computer with standard phone functionality, and generally give an internet connection through 3G, 4G or wireless networks broadcast from conventional cable or fiber optic based high speed internet connection. Today, web or IT courses in Toronto are structured to prepare student for this reality.


Users can send and receive email, play games and use all sorts of online utilities like mapping software. As a function of mobile phones in onboard GPS, they also automatically provide this service to users. Pioneered by a company which specialized in user friendly, graphic focused computers and music players, “applications” or “apps” for short are specialized utilities. Some of them provide better functionality for tools that would otherwise be browser based. Some of them are toys or provide unique extra functionality for phone features like the camera. If you’re interested in creating apps, the first place to look is probably cutting edge IT courses in Toronto.


The mobile phone screen still isn’t as big as a computer screen. Though they have a new cousin in the form of tablets, which may be the same display scale as a laptop, a smartphone still needs telephone functionality and really can’t be bigger than a user’s hand. As a result, a web design course in Toronto now has to focus not just on computer based internet browsers, but also the mobile browser.


An entire industry has sprung up around taking advantage of the mobile web, both reformatting websites, but also the creation of apps. The smart phone has also better facilitated the growth of social media. While texting creating a unique update system, the old style photo page social media website is now less about a web log and daily updates. The mobile web is influencing site design of even well tenured web properties. One thing is for sure, with the tech explosion a web design course in Toronto can be a great career choice.



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