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Careers in Marketing Communications – Brand Manager

7 APR 2014


In the internet age, it’s becoming increasingly important that your business or company stands out among the throng of successful businesses popping up all over the place. No longer is it enough to just have a great product or service, or even great customer service, your company has to have an exceptionally unique and well-crafted look and feel. Everything from your social media interaction to the way your website is designed is of the utmost importance. Keeping everything cohesive and beautiful means people will get the most out of the experience of dealing with you. The best way to oversee all of this running smoothly is to employ the use of a brand manager. An exceptionally rewarding career, brand managers are responsible for crafting and maintaining the image of a company or business and ensuring that everything that company does is in line with its message and intended look. The Academy of Learning Career College has a great blog post up that talks about finding a great career as a brand manager – so check it out!

“A lot of the things that brand managers worry about are fairly intangible – even the customers themselves probably don’t realize a lot of what a brand manager does and how it affects their experience interacting with the company. From the wording of language that appears on a website, to the way you share ideas on Facebook, a brand manager oversees it all. They will frequently meet with other marketers and copywriters in the company or contracted out by the company to ensure that the work being done is congruent with the image that they’ve crafted for the company. Brand management is an over-arching position and one that’s continuously developing. “