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Careers To Help The Community

22 JUL 2013
Career Path : Apprenticeships

Are you a compassionate individual looking for a career path that leaves you with a feeling of contentment? If you would like to make the world a little better in the course of earning your weekly paycheck, there are many career options available to you.

Defense Services
If you don’t mind an erratic work schedule, a career in the police force or as a firefighter may be a good fit for you. These professions protect fellow citizens, but require a tremendous strength of character in order to perform these services, as you may be faced with life-threatening emergency situations daily.

Animal Welfare
Animal welfare services offer a variety of careers: veterinarian, veterinary technician, animal rights activists and conservationists, and even animal training such as those for search and rescue missions and animals that assist the disabled. If you have a fondness for creatures of the four-legged variety, one of these professions may be the perfect fit for you.

Social Worker
The term ‘social worker’ encompasses a wide variety of community services, from professional to volunteer positions. There are many avenues of opportunity for today’s social workers, such as blood donation and helping the poor and otherwise underprivileged. If you are well-organized and passionate, with a flair for coordinating events, this vocation may be the perfect opportunity for you to help better your community.

Healthcare Professionals
There are many career options in the healthcare field. Keep in mind the amount of responsibility and education necessary for each particular profession. Medical doctors must have a tremendous amount of responsibility and many years of schooling and residency. Dental assistant schools offer you the opportunity to work in the medical profession without the years of training required by some medical careers. You may also prefer an administrative role that will allow you to help others make healthcare decisions, locate services, or cover expenses.

Teaching is one of the oldest and noblest of professions. Careers such as early childhood assistant offer you the opportunity to influence young children’s passion for learning. Teaching professionals empower people and communities and are the framework towards building a better future.

Counselors and Therapists
A strong sense of empathy is needed for this position. Counselors and therapists help others learn coping tools for life’s difficult situations, and help people get their lives back on track. Counselors and therapists are often trained to respond to particular situations, such as disaster response, children’s or elderly issues, the disabled, and terminally ill patients.

Regardless of your list of priorities, there are a multitude of careers to help the community available to you. Helping the public and being financially secure don’t have to be mutually exclusive. By doing a little soul-searching and following your heart, you are sure to find the best fit for yourself and your community.

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