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Careers in Alternative Dispute Resolution

24 MAR 2014

Sometimes, even in our highly civilized world, we get into a dispute or a disagreement that ends up being dragged into court, and we end up facing high lawyers’ fees and wasting weeks or months of our time settling something. Because this process is so long and drawn out and incredibly expensive, the need for skilled and qualified individuals to work as conflict mediators or alternative dispute resolution specialists is growing exponentially. Alternative dispute resolution specialists or conflict mediators work as an impartial third party in many forms of disputes, conflicts or arguments, as a way to ensure that both parties can come to a compromise that doesn’t involve dragging the dispute on in a long bout of legal action. Check out this great blog by Herzing College that details what exactly these people do, and how you find a rewarding career by joining them!

“Whether working for an advocacy organization or as an individual, patient advocates in the healthcare sector act as a liaison between a patient and their health care provider and occasionally the hospital. Frequently a choice of career taken by former social workers or healthcare individuals who have gotten ADR training, patient advocates have to navigate the confusing large world of healthcare bureaucracy and assist the patient in decision-making. This could be anything from navigating the process of moving senior citizens from care in a hospital to an assisted living facility, to liaising with doctors and patients to discuss treatment options.”