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Your Career As a Transportation Operations Specialists

16 JAN 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Whether you are considering a new career in trucking, or looking to take your transportation operations industry experience in a new direction, training in transportation operations will provide you with loads of career opportunities in a fast-paced, knowledge-driven trucking field.

Transportation operations training will help you develop the skills needed for careers as a Dispatcher, Safety Administrator, Log Auditor, Fleet Manager, Maintenance Administrator and Driver Manager in the Transportation Industry.

The best Transportation Operations training programs will prepare individuals for these careers by covering the following topics and area of study:

  •     Transportation Operations Foundations – trucking terminology, the nature of shipping conditions, the historical and social importance of transportation operations in specific countries or areas, transportation legislation and regulations
  •     Safety & Compliance – operational efficiency through employee safety and driver retention while trucking and in the office, due diligence, risk management, workplace safety and compliance, legislation and regulations
  •     Fleet Maintenance & Administration – proper use of equipment used in trucking, preventative maintenance scheduling, inventory control, coordinating repairs and inspections, analyzing reports and effective communication skills
  •     Dispatch, Driver Management & Operations – customs regulations, load planning, trip planning, customer relations, and how to increase trucking company profits

The automotive and transportation industries are leaders in technological advancement. Understanding how the trucking industry uses technology to manage its operations will be critical to your career success. That’s why Transportation Operations students often spend a large amount of time working in computer labs, learning leading transportation management software packages.

Standard industry softwares include:

  •     PC Miler – perhaps one of the most extensive mapping tools used in the trucking industry today, PC Miler compiles complex routes with multiple drop points, inserts border crossings, and calculates trip times.
  •     Satellite Systems – a sophisticated communications package that pinpoints the location of a truck or trailer in order to track status of deliveries and equipment.
  •     LoadLink – an Internet-based software package used to locate inbound and outbound loads, allowing trucking companies to make better use of their driver’s time.
  •     International Registration Workbook – different workbooks provided by different Ministries of Transportation around the world. These are used to register trucking fleets to operate in a variety of regions/states.
  •     Fleet Manager Professional – automates and streamlines shipment planning and execution including order entry, dispatch, trip management and reporting, driver and equipment management, fuel tax reporting and more.
  •     Freight Logix – combines truckload, LTL, pick-up and delivery and cartage functionalities. Integrates transportation and freight activities including GPS, driver communications, document imaging and mileage engines.

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