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Career Training Options for the Busy Parent

11 MAR 2013
Career Path : paralegal

If you are trying to juggle kids with working, it can be hard to decide to retrain. However it can be well worth it for a number of reasons. In the first place, the extra income always helps. It also sets a good example for your children for what it is possible to achieve. Additionally, the right career can provide you with enough flexibility to make your childcare responsibilities easier. For example you could take office administration, personal support worker (PSW) or paralegal training. All these options tend to be very understanding to parents with children.


Office support careers range from secretarial and reception work to part of the general administration and bookkeeping necessary to run an office smoothly. For example payroll training focuses on the laws and regulations needed to make sure a company is issuing pay to the workers according to the law. The advantage of office support work is regular day hours, highly compatible with school aged children. Additionally, work is unlikely to follow you home. Generally this sort of training will take less than a year, and focus on basic computer and office skills, to give you certification to prove your ability.


For higher salary options, you also try becoming a paralegal. Paralegals assist lawyers with basic aspects of legal research and their other duties. It is not the same as a legal secretary, who focuses more on the administrative side. Paralegal training takes about two years, but the salaries are quite comfortable and again, work tends to be limited to regular day hours, or even part time. As a profession, it also tends to reasonably understandable that people are parents as well as workers.


For more flexible hours there is always PSW courses. As a PSW you can expect to provide the disabled and the elderly with care, either in their homes or in an institutional setting. Round the clock care needs mean that you have a chance at both part time employment and flexible hours. Training time is quick, taking less than a year, and it is particularly good for people without strong language skills.  In this particular field, it is not abnormal if you’re working for a company or institution to have them pay to complete your training because of a shortage of workers.


Regardless of whether you pick working as a PSW, work as an office admin or paralegal training, your children will really appreciate the sacrifices you make for them. You will have shown them what is possible with hard work. And, with a career choice that works with your needs as a parent you will still be able to be there for them when they need you to be.


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