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17 SEP 2013
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A new country creates many opportunities, but you must understand that that opportunity is only realized once you’ve the educational credentials to buttress your resume.  As such, all that’s required to secure success is to identify which career field is right for you and match it with available opportunities.  The American dream includes welcoming newcomers to the fold and getting career training for new immigrants has never been easier.

As is the nature of capitalist societies, not all jobs are created equal.  Understanding job trends is an integral part of positioning yourself for success prior to launching your job search.  Needless to say, earning that advanced degree in French Medieval Literature was a rewarding experience, but earning a living wage was not one of those rewards.

As an example, whilst perusing the Classifieds for entry-level French Medievalist positions, you may have noticed that there isn’t even a category for “French Medievalist.”  You do notice that there seems to be an inordinate number of job openings in the healthcare and accounting fields.

Super-Size Your Job Opportunities in the Medical Field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, taking healthcare courses that terminate at the Associate’s degree can garner substantial pay, flexibility, and job security.  We live in an aging society that is increasingly looking to the nation’s healthcare professionals for succor as the ravages of time take their toll on our elderly population.  Your skills, and the education you will earn by taking healthcare classes, are needed to meet this demand.

To cite just one medical career path that begins when the Associate’s of Science program ends, cardiovascular technologists and technicians, along with vascular technologists earned a median 2010 pay of nearly $50,000.  More importantly, the 2010 to 2020 job outlook for this field has been tagged at an amazing high 29%, which is considerably higher than the average for all reported occupations.

Follow the Money to Success

An extremely busy work week is one of the primary reasons for American’s gravitation to the ubiquitous fast-food restaurant.  As many employees are downsized out of existence, those that remain are forced to do more with less time, and while not the best solution…a bag of burgers consumed over your cubical trash can has become the norm.  According to government statistics, areas not experiencing a decline in fortunes is accounting and bookkeeping.

It makes sense.  After all, there is no point in making money unless you know what’s happing to it.  Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have never actually taken any accounting courses and are ill-equipped to manage this critical aspect of their business.  A growing trend towards the outsourcing of these onerous tasks, to qualified financial professionals, has resulted is a very stable market for students entering the field.

Thus, you can find as a new immigrant accounting or healthcare courses may be just the thing to get your new career off the ground in a new country.

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