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Career Spotlight: Trailer Mechanic

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : Mechanic

If you’re looking for a job that is fun, exciting, and involves working with your hands, you can’t beat a job as a trailer mechanic. There are hundreds of jobs available for someone with the right training, and it’s hard to find better job security or compensation anywhere else. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be a trailer mechanic, here are the main things you need to know.

Types of Jobs

The most common profession for someone with training as a trailer mechanic is to work at a repair shop. All trailers that are used regularly are going to suffer from a lot of residual damage, as well as heavy wear and tear. This means that a good mechanic will be essential to getting the trailer back into complete working condition. There are countless trailer repair shops all across the country.

A trailer mechanic might also be able to get a job working at a trailer inspection station. The government generally requires tractors and trailers to be regularly inspected for safety, emissions, and overall condition. A mechanic at these inspection stations can assist drivers in figuring out what kinds of changes they need to make.


The main thing you’ll need before you can be a successful trailer mechanic is experience and knowledge with working on the most modern trailer technology. This means that you will have to study up on the latest innovations that have taken place for all of the various trailer models. This includes understanding the electrical elements as well as the purely mechanic parts of the system.

Another requirement that you will have to meet before you can become a successful trailer mechanic is to get your tractor trailer driver’s license. This is because you will often be required to move the trailers from a holding area to the repair shop and back again. This requires incredible skill, since the trailers are usually quite unwieldy and large.

Getting Trained

Fortunately, it is generally not that difficult to get the right kind of auto mechanic training to become a trailer repair mechanic. Your best option will be to take classes and receive training at a designated mechanic’s institute. These facilities will have some great professionals who can explain all of the latest technology.

Once you have gone through the entire training process, you’ll be able to get fully certified as a trailer mechanic. This will give you all of the necessary qualifications that you’ll need in order to find jobs working as a tractor trailer mechanic. Most employers will be looking for your level of certification to make sure that you know how to handle the complexity of the work.

As you can see, finding reliable work as a trailer mechanic is not really as difficult as it might seem. Once you’ve secured your tractor trailer driver’s license, learned the basic technology of a trailer, and have gotten your final certification from the right technical institute, you should be able to find work very quickly.

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