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Career Spotlight: Refinishing Prep Technician

4 MAR 2014

Do you like to get your hands dirty with automobiles, to really get down to the nitty gritty with sanders and sandblasters and really go to town on the car’s finishing, getting all of the grease and dirt and rust off? Well, if that’s something that sounds appealing to you, then maybe a career as a refinishing prep technician is right up your alley. Similar to what an automotive painting technician does, a refinishing prep technician is in charge of ensuring that when a car is painted, the paint is able to go on smooth, shiny and beautiful. This involves everything from simple tasks like making sure there’s no dirt or grease on the body, to more involved tasks that involve heavy-duty tools like a blowtorch to even out dents. For more information on what’s involved in becoming a refinishing prep technician, check out this blog post by the Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute.

“To become an automotive painter or finisher, you must first complete an apprenticeship in the trade of automotive finishing. The best way to start on this path is to get certified as a refinishing prep technician. Though you won’t necessarily be working with painting and finishing until you’ve completed your certification and started in your apprenticeship, the skills you’ll be developing when you’re preparing cars for painting, as well as assisting in the painting, will carry over.

If you want to get into the wide and wonderful world of automotive painting, there’s no better way than completing a certification as a refinishing prep technician.”