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Career Spotlight Payroll Administrator

27 MAR 2014
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Although they might not often be in the spotlight, the payroll administrator is one of the most important people on any healthcare team. A payroll administrator is responsible for ensuring each employee of a healthcare facility gets paid his or her due each pay period. It’s the payroll administrator’s responsibility to make certain pay is accurate and timely.

The role of payroll administrator can be a challenging one in the healthcare field. Schedules and compensation levels can change on a weekly basis. Mistakes are noticed quickly and reflect poorly on the institution. Still, payroll administrators find the position rewarding and enjoyable — plus, it has a tendency to be compensated very well!

What are the keys to success as a payroll administrator?
Mathematical Skills
A payroll administrator must calculate hours and rates of compensation for a wide variety of employees. He or she should be comfortable with mathematics, able to check figures and enter them accurately for record-keeping. Those who are able to do complex mathematics quickly are prepared to move on to career-specific training.

Payroll Training
A payroll administrator builds on fundamental mathematics knowledge to learn accounting skills. This means not only understanding financial figures, but monitoring and documenting them according to strict accounting standards. When it comes to maintaining compliance with government rules, the payroll administrator is one of the most important team members!

Team Leadership
A payroll administrator may be required to lead a team of payroll clerks. In this role, the payroll administrator is responsible for teaching the basics of the payroll system. He or she will also ensure accurate and timely work from all subordinates. Learning to keep team members motivated can accelerate the payroll administrator’s own career growth!

Technical Skills
Much of a payroll administrator’s work includes entering data and updating databases. He or she must quickly adapt to the latest tools needed for sound financial record-keeping. In the event of an error, the payroll administrator must resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Healthcare Knowledge
In health and allied fields, a payroll administrator should seek ways to gain knowledge about patient care and the latest treatments. This opens the door to learning more about compensation structures, capital investments and other financial tools that support an institution’s fiscal health.

Where Does A Payroll Administrator Work and How Much Does One Make?

Payroll administrators work in private and public capacities all across Canada, though the hiring outlook is very positive in healthcare. Healthcare systems throughout the country are in need of skilled payroll administrators; they typically seek applicants with at least two years of university education.

Compensation varies based on education, seniority and employer. However, it’s not unusual for payroll administrators to make between $21 and $28 per hour. Over time, a payroll administrator’s training in healthcare and accounting can serve as great preparation for more senior healthcare administration roles. These can include hospital controller or chief financial officer.

Payroll administrator is a rewarding role with plenty of opportunity for growth. With the right combination of payroll training, hard work and detail-orientation, the sky is the limit!

Visit the National Academy of Health and Business for more information on payroll training.