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Career Spotlight: Electric Vehicle Maintenance

10 FEB 2014
Career Path : Mechanic

Automotive companies need electric car mechanics because they handle various automotive tasks. Although electric car mechanics use similar procedures that are used by gas cars, the techniques are different. Electric cars use high voltage battery packs, and they are the main source of power for the motor. Mechanics that tackle car projects must have the proper training involving hybrid vehicle technology. Students who want a career repairing electric cars need an efficient educational program. These programs are commonly offered at a vocational school.

Why Learn About Electric Cars?

Students must gain knowledge about hybrid automotive technology because it is a requirement for auto careers. It helps students learn more about the industry, so they can select the best career. Individuals who have automotive careers can also specialize in electric vehicles.

Students who want electric automotive repair careers should understand their skills and educational level. This is important because it helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses. Employees who handle projects that involve hybrid technology have a strong mechanical aptitude and various skills. They must inspect and service a vehicle efficiently. Without the proper skills, repairs will be challenging because electric vehicles have many advanced components.

Students must decide what kind of vocational program they are interested in pursuing. This particular task is not challenging because there are various technical schools and community colleges that teach classes about electric car repair. Another method involving using websites – most websites provide a lot of information about vocational training programs. Some companies will also send information to students if needed.

If possible, consider visiting various school campuses. Most professionals will provide details about electric cars and hybrid vehicle technology. This is a huge benefit because students gain knowledge that helps them choose the best program for their prospective auto careers.

Colleges that provide electric vehicle training offer various program options. Students can choose a six month program or a program that provides more training benefits and certification.
Most students also work towards an associated degree. Students consider this when they want a management job or their own repair shop. These students, however, will need more coursework. Most colleges offer a two year program, and it helps students gain various business skills.

Considering an apprenticeship is also recommended. If an apprenticeship is not an option, consider on-the-job training. There are automotive companies that offer some individuals an education and paid training.

Once students choose a vocation program, the next step is applying for admission. Applying for many schools is recommended because some schools may not have openings. Also, it helps to contact the school to learn more about financial aid if it is available. Scholarships are also provided by many technical schools.

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