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Career Spotlight: Help Desk Support Analyst

17 JAN 2014

This week, the AOLCC blog focuses on the career possibilities for people doing programs in help desk support analysis. One of the most common jobs in this career direction is customer service for computer, hardware, and software companies. What is highlighted in this article is the combination of good people skills and technical know-how required in these roles. The article begins by dispelling a myth:

There is a common misconception about computer-literate people, which is that while they are great at working with technology, they often lack general people skills. But nothing can be further from the truth, and if you like to consider yourself both tech-savvy and a people-person, then you might want to consider a career in the field of help desk support analyst.

There are many specific roles in the help desk support world to choose from, and there are plenty of different industries that require well-trained individuals to perform these tasks, from personal computer assistance, to telecommunications, to web site customer service.

Some of the specific roles discussed in the article include support technician, software support analyst, systems technical analyst, and remote customer service agent. To name some of the countless industries that utilize these roles include insurance companies, telecommunications companies, and financial institutions, all of which use computers and human understanding. It is this combination of technical and personal that is the focus of the article as the advantages of seeking a career in this filed.