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Career Spotlight: Create Sound for Video Games

3 DEC 2013

This is an interesting blog post by Trebas Institute with some good tricks from sound engineering school to make a career creating sound for video games. Sound has become an increasing priority in gaming for years, and new state-of-the-art headsets to hear all the detailed high-level acoustic quality are making games more immersive than ever. These sound designers sometimes have to wait until the visuals are placed in context before being able to integrate the audio. Sound effects can be made from strange sources. In Myst, the noise of fire in a boiler was made by driving slowly over stones in a driveway while chimes of a large clock tower were simulated using a wrench, transposed to a lower pitch. A consistent audio style is important and deserves 50% of effort, even though it is usually left until the last minute.

While video game technology is rapidly advancing, there may still remain limitations in the development format compared to mixing for films, for example.

Consistency is important to maintain continuity throughout a game, which takes keeping an eye (and ear) on the big picture. Developing the right sounds relative to the player’s skill level often requires recording several different versions and gradations, and much of the detail is adjusted in the mixing stage by adding reverbs, equalization and panning. As capabilities for surround sound and music that adapts to game play expand, video game sound will only become a more lucrative and intriguing field for specialists in sound engineering school.”