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Career Spotlight: Compliance and Safety Specialist

14 FEB 2014
Career Path : Automotive

When it comes to vehicles and the automotive world, we are continuously striving for safer vehicles. Vehicles are now built tougher, safer and with a plethora of safety features. This is why we invented seatbelts and the airbag, and why most cars now come equipped with reversing cameras. However, for all the technologies and gadgets we develop, the most important thing for promoting safer roads and highways is the education of drivers. That’s why Compliance and Safety Specialists are so integral to automotive safety. They’re responsible for ensuring that the drivers on the road are capable and qualified to be there, because it doesn’t matter how much tech you have on that car if the person driving isn’t qualified to be in the seat. Check out this blog post by Automotive Training Centre for more information on what exactly a Compliance and Safety Specialist does, it could be the career for you!

“You’ll ensure that all of the drivers’ licenses, qualifications and medical cards are all up to date, as well as taking appropriate action to find out why they aren’t. Employee morale is heavily benefited by a safe and secure work environment, and a Compliance and Safety Specialist ensure this is the case. Because the position is usually not physical demanding, it can be a perfect fit for someone older in life, or for people who have certain disabilities or mobility restrictions, but still want a chance at rewarding automotive careers.”