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Career Spotlight: Automotive Futurist

3 MAR 2014

Predicting the future isn’t just for tarot card readers and hokey fortune tellers anymore. At least that’s what big automotive giants like Ford think when it comes to jumping on trends and getting in on the ground floor before things explode with popularity. That’s why the career of an automotive futurist is making headlines all around the world. An automotive futurist’s job is to scan through photos, videos, newspaper articles, press releases and all other manner of media to identify what’s becoming popular and what the trends are, and more importantly when and how to capitalize on them. It’s an interesting career, and it takes an incredibly vast knowledge of pop culture and the how and why of things getting popular and going viral. Check out this blog post by Automotive Training Centre for more information on what an automotive futurist does, and how you can start on that career path.

How do you Become an Automotive Futurist?

Automotive training in Toronto is a great step towards becoming an automotive futurist. To know what automotive trends are going to explode, you definitely need an intricate knowledge of vehicles. It’s also very important to have a strong background in public relations and marketing, as you’ll not only need to be able to talk the talk, but analyze and interpret advertising campaigns, press releases and newspaper articles as sources for emerging trends.

With the proper training in both automotive technology and media, you could be the one highlighting trends and preparing automotive companies for the onslaught of popular ideas just waiting to be capitalized on.”