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Career Spotlight: Audio Engineering

13 JAN 2014

The music industry is an enormous, several billion-dollar a year beast, but a lot more goes on behind the scenes than you realize. Audio engineers, the people who are responsible for setting up, mediating and ultimately ensuring the quality of recording sessions, are perhaps the most integral people in the industry, especially these days. This blog post by Trebas Institute will tell you why that is.

“Unlike producers, who oversee the artistic process of recording, audio engineers are responsible for the raw, sonic properties of a recording session. Without a recording engineer, there would be no recording. With music changing so quickly, and home recording become popular, you’d think that engineers wouldn’t be in such high demand, but they are. Attending a top-notch audio school like Trebas means you’ll be getting intense and thorough training on everything from dissecting waveforms to properly soundproofing a room. You’ll get to know the intimate details of recording audio – like what makes one microphone better suited for vocals than guitar or what effects and processors to use during recording and which to use post-recording and why”

All of the best records have had somebody behind the scenes, placing microphones, selecting what pedals or amps to use, and making sure everything is running smoothly, without trouble. While producers and artists are notorious for getting all the glamour, they would be nothing without a great engineer enabling them to create their art. If you’re musically inclined and love the intricacies of the sonic landscape, then becoming an audio engineer might be right up your alley.