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Career Options as an Early Childhood Assistant

11 APR 2014
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Early childhood education workers are highly sought after in today’s communities. Most families today reside in two-income households, so the need for childcare for young children is higher than ever. As an early childcare assistant, you will be responsible for providing healthcare to children under preschool age. You might work in a daycare center, a workplace that provides childcare, a hospital, or a government facility.

Your duties might include: 

  • Teaching children basic hygiene habits including toilet training and eating etiquette
  • Entertaining children with songs, stories, and interactive play
  • Assessing children for possible developmental disabilities
  • Preparing snacks for children
  • Arranging classrooms for different activities
  • Maintaining positive relationships with children and their parents
  • Recording all pertinent information about children in proper files

How to Become an Early Childhood Assistant

The road to becoming an early childhood worker includes a nine month educational curriculum that incorporates an internship. The program will teach you everything you need to know to work with very young children as well as providing you with valuable hands-on experience you can place on your resume. A diploma will definitely increase your chances of finding a great job. Graduates of the program go on to utilize their skills in the industry. In the diploma program, you will study:

  • Technology
  • Program Planning
  • Child Development
  • Nutrition
  • CPR and First Aid
    Assessing Children for disorders

Benefits of Working With Young Children

The intrinsic benefits of this career are limitless. Each day, you will watch the children in your care grow and change and you will know you are a vital part of their development. It is your responsibility to keep these children safe and healthy, so every time they learn something new, you will know it was your guidance that led them to the discovery.

You can be the first one to hear first laughs, first words, and see first steps. You can be the one who gets lots of sweet hugs and excited praises. It is hard to work with young children and not grow to love them. You will have the opportunity to remain close to your charges throughout their lives.

Extrinsically, the benefits of the career are no less rewarding. Parents are generally willing to pay well for quality care for their children. In addition, you can save money by being able to take your own young child to work with you.

Employers are generally understanding of family life, so flexibility in schedule as well as time off are usually generous. Benefits for full time employees in the field can include health care and retirement plans. Demand in the field is high enough that finding a job as an early childcare assistant is not difficult at all. So you’ll have no problem stepping in to a rewarding career as soon as you graduate.

Visit the National Academy of Health and Business for more information on becoming an early childhood assistant.