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Career Opportunities as a Physiotherapist Assistant

25 MAR 2014

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As a Physiotherapist Assistant, you’ll work as part of a healthcare team to ensure the best possible rehabilitation outcomes for individuals whose ability to function has been impaired by injury, illness, aging, developmental disability, or emotional disability. You’ll be working with different age groups, and your career could lead you on many different paths, such as hospitals, as part of the acute care, long-term care or rehabilitation units, in seniors’ residences, long term care facilities, schools, clinics, community care agencies, private industry, mental health facilities, children’s treatment centres or community health centres. Whatever role you end up occupying, you’re sure to find the career of a physiotherapist assistant fun, challenging and emotionally rewarding. If you’d like more information on this subject, the National Academy of Health and Business has published a great blog on Career Opportunities as a Physiotherapist Assistant that will give you a complete overview of this exciting career field. Check it out!

“Physiotherapist Assistants work with registered occupational therapists and physiotherapists, allowing patients to cope with their limitations in movement, function, activity or performance, whether temporary or permanent. With an ever-increasing number of aging individuals requiring assistance to continue a full life, the need has never been greater for occupational therapists, physiotherapists and their assistants. While a great deal of work is with seniors, there’s also much to be done with those dealing with chronic conditions such as arthritis, or recovering from surgery or health conditions such as cancer or a stroke. As a physiotherapist assistant, you will be tasked with awakening your patients’ physical potential.”