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Career Opportunities in Law Enforcement and Security

18 FEB 2014
Career Path : Law Enforcement

There will always be a need for law enforcement officials in both the public sector and the private sector. For those looking to embark on a new career, law enforcement and security jobs can be a great choice. Here are four tips to consider when starting a career in law enforcement and security:

Why Join the Industry?

Before approaching a career in law enforcement and security, it would vital to sit down and evaluate the reasons for joining this industry. Although there are some nice perks of being a professional in the law enforcement world, core values should be most important. A good reason to enter this field is to fulfill the needs of helping and caring for other people in the community. A law enforcement and security official must protect the people to ensure a safe and secure environment.

It is crucial to be willing to train and learn about law enforcement procedures before entering it. Remember, people in this industry work very hard and usually there are long hours. It is not an easy career, but it is an important one.

Types of Careers

As with any industry, there are numerous careers in the law enforcement and security field. On the local level, police officers are the law enforcement professionals who serve and protect their communities. There are also other professionals, such as dispatchers, who assist with the security process. On a national level, there are federal agents who protect against threats to the society. Typically these agents might have expertise in technology, science, language or gathering intelligence. On the private level, there are companies that hire private security to help monitor and enforce laws within private property.

How to Start

There are police foundation schools that allow students to gain an understanding of the industry and some procedures. While receiving an education in law enforcement, it can be crucial to learn skills and receive some training that can be used in the field.

Before starting a career in law enforcement, some people embark on a career in the military first to gain some skills. Either way, training and studying can be an important foundation. Some law enforcement communities allow new recruits to participate in a ride along with a current officer.

What Law Enforcement Employers Look For

When filling out applications, consider that there are many different qualities that a law enforcement agency looks for in new recruits. These agencies want applicants with real training, and an expanded resume that includes languages and computer skills. An understanding of the legal system and a record of community volunteerism also can help a resume. Law enforcement employers will look at an applicant’s past employment history and conduct a background check. There are also requirements for being physically fit to perform the job.

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