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Career Opportunities from International Networking

18 MAR 2014
Career Path : Study Abroad

A major benefit to traveling abroad is facing a situation of cultural communication. This is when the student not only meets students from across the world, but they meet citizens who live in the host country. Since Italy is a heavily traveled-to country with numerous of artistic, historical, and religious sites across the country, an American student can meet students from China, Japan, India, Egypt, Ghana, or Brazil while meeting Italians on or near campus.

Such an opportunity gives rise to increasing cultural communication where the American student can understand new perspectives, resolve inner or outer conflicts of cultural misunderstanding, and learn new languages and customs. These sort of experiences look well on a resume.

Using What Is Experienced With What Is Learned
International students in Italy are not just socializing around Rome, they are taking courses with top academics from Italy and using new information to help them with their studies. Besides the opportunity of learning under the teachings of prominent Italian scholars, the travel experience (both to the country and school) can help supplement major academic projects and writings. This not only strengthens these projects, but it helps to supplement the major skills a student learns from college: critical thinking skills, analytical approaches, and communication skills.

Capitalize On One’s Major
Abroad studies can often supplement the major work or interests a student has about the world. Whether it is in the social sciences, the humanities, or STEM fields, studying in Italy provides opportunities to make students think critically about their world. Italy’s religious culture can lead a social scientist students to ponder issues of religion in the public square.

Italy’s amazing contributions to the arts can help an art history or writing major consider new interpretations of classical works. Italy’s ability to manage modern infrastructure around historically ancient cities can make engineering students consider new innovations toward interior investments and designs. Natural science students may be amazed studying at the centuries old libraries around Rome to read the actual texts of scientists who made the greatest contributions to biology, chemistry, and physics in human history.

These are just a few applications of the studying abroad experience with one’s area of study. These opportunities can also be used to directly work in these sectors. If an art history major is engrossed by the Renaissance art found across Rome, they can graduate and then move to Rome to work within that field.

Leadership and Teamwork
Similar to the cultural understanding point, studying abroad offers some of the most basic opportunities to strengthen one’s pre-professional skills in regards to teamwork and leadership. International students in Italy will be surrounded by a diverse student-body group, so working together in a team not only helps in situations at school, but are excellent experience points on a resume.

Access To The Global Markeplace
In today’s global economy, having connections is key. Social media has helped immensely with this, with professional sites like LinkedIn leading the way. If a student is able to make good friends from their experience, then they can use those connections as incredible networking potential for firms across the world.

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