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Career Opportunities in Canada for Graduates of Home Inspection

3 MAR 2014

Home inspection is an extremely lucrative market. Most people don’t know how to properly assess a home, so they have to hire a home inspector to come in and examine the home. Because of this, a career as a home inspector is not only in demand now, but will continue to be even as the market changes. Academy of Learning Career College has wonderful blog posts about how to become a home inspector, and just what kind of career options are out there.

“An important choice in becoming a home inspector is whether you choose to work with a home inspection company or a firm, or work as a private, independent inspector. Chances are, if you’re just starting out fresh out of school with little to no business training then you’ll want to start off working at a home inspection company. However, there are pros and cons to both routes. Self-employed inspectors work from their own homes, meaning that their overhead costs are small to non-existent and they make their own hours, work can be inconsistent at times – especially in the winter months, when home buying decreases.”

Choosing between being a self-employed home inspector or working with a firm or a company is a tough decision. Each has their own pros and cons, but ultimately both are an extremely rewarding career choice. Home inspection courses don’t just prepare you for inspecting homes either. You learn a vast array of systems including plumbing and electrical, meaning you’re just as excellently equipped for a career as a handyman.