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Career Focus: Civil Drafters and Design Technicians

1 APR 2014


Civil Drafters and Design Technicians possess CAD training in drafting, design and construction. The employment outlook for this type profession is projected to grow in the coming years, as infrastructures in North America age and need to replaced or reinforced. Drafters and Technicians prepare technical drawings and plans used by engineers and construction workers. Buildings, roads, bridges and other structures may be constructed using these drawings, which must be precise and meticulous so that the structures are safe and built to code. The drawings will also provide the dimensions of the structure, the materials the structure should be made from and the method by which to construct the structure. Drafters are responsible for the technical details of a drawing when he or she receives the drawing from the engineer or architect. If you’d like more information on a career as a Civil Drafter and Design Technician, you should check out this great blog by the Digital School.

“As infrastructures throughout North American age, the demand for Civil Drafters and Design Technician is expected to experience a workforce growth of at least 12% by the year 2020. If you’re interested in civil drafting, you’ll need to need CAD training in designing, analyzing, estimating and constructing, as well as intimate knowledge of management tools commonly used in civil engineering infrastructures. Local industry standard practices, design methodologies as well as high-level computer-aided design software will be used to design roadway, transportation system, underground municipal piping, bridges, flood control projects, environmental remediation facilities and building structures.