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Career Focus: Band Tour Manager

4 MAR 2014

Are you someone who enjoys the thrill of voyaging across the country and loves hearing live music every night? Well it may interest you to know that there are more ways to get that thrill than just following bands you love on tour and spending tons of money. If you’re someone who has great organizational skills and a knack for problem solving, you might do well in a career as a tour manager for musicians. Tour managers have the job of keeping the whole thing running smoothly, from booking the shows, to ensuring musicians get paid and even negotiating the contracts for the venues. In addition, some tour managers also double as the band’s sound technician, to ensure that their sound is perfect and uniform every night. Check out this great blog post by Trebas Institute to find out just what it is a tour manager does and how you can become one.

“Most of what you’ll be doing as a tour manager is ensuring that everything goes smoothly, or in the event that it doesn’t (which is more likely than people care to admit) making sure that alternative solutions are developed and a nice plan B is worked out.

You’ll be responsible for booking hotel rooms for the band, ensuring that their list of requests is met at the venue – also called a “request rider,” it’s a list of things that the band will need before the show, usually consisting of food and drinks, but also containing things like light show requirements, security concerns and anything else that the band might need.”