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Career Focus: Automotive Glass Technicians

3 MAR 2014

These days, a university education can be wildly expensive, and often, can result in a degree that gets you no closer to the job you want. By focusing your time and energy on learning a trade, however, you have an almost guaranteed job when you finish your program, as well as extremely applicable skills that you’re able to apply in a variety of situations. Trades are becoming an increasingly popular choice for the flexibility they afford and for their job stability. One such trade is that of an automotive glass technician, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. As an automotive glass technician, your job will be to replace and repair the glass on vehicles, from windshields and window panes to mirrors. It takes dedication, hard work and extreme focus, but it’s a rewarding and lucrative career with excellent opportunities for advancement. Check out this blog post by Automotive Training Centre for more information.

“Automotive glass technicians are responsible for the repair, installation and removal of automotive glass on your vehicle. Everything from the windshield to the windows is taken care of under the watchful eye of an automotive glass technician. As an automotive glass technician, you’ll be responsible for the careful storage and handling of a variety of glasses, ensuring that the proper safety equipment is used at all times and that everything is handled in a safe and secure manner, removing cracked or broken windshields or window panes and replacing them with new, spotless panes.”