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Make Your Next Career Choice an Invaluable One

9 OCT 2012
Career Path : Automotive

There’s more to the transport industry than just driving. There’s got to be someone left behind, someone to make sure that everything is under control. A dispatcher is one of the most important jobs in the transport business, and is highly regarded as one of the most essential communication positions of any business. In fact, The Ontario Trucking Association has claimed, “[T]he dispatcher is one of the most important people in a road transportation organization. He/she is responsible for making critical decisions regarding the key operational function of the company.”

Many transport businesses cannot operate without a reliable dispatcher. Someone must be present at home base, to tell drivers and operators where to go, and what is required of them. Dispatchers are responsible for the communications of the company. But in order to be hired, you must have experience. This is why taking dispatch courses is so important, especially considering the present day employment rates. In order to stand out in a pile of applicants, you need to be more than simply qualified. You need to have practical experience.

Dispatch training can help you hone your natural abilities, and learn the essentials of the transport and automotive industries. By taking classes like the Hours of Service, Load Building, Maps and Atlases, Customs Border Protection and Advanced Commercial Information, you’ll learn how to make the most of your position through both efficiency and overall knowledge. You’ll also gain invaluable hands-on experience to prepare you for real world employment.

Enrolling in dispatch training courses will teach you the skills you need in fields like organization, inbound and outbound dispatch planning and driver management. Additionally, these courses teach students how to work with modern day technologies, from advancements in computer software to basic radio communication. They also keep students up to date on the latest legislative policies.

With experience, additional dispatch training can even translate to employment opportunities in public safety and aviation. In these industries, a reliable dispatcher is a necessity. In public safety, a dispatch agent’s efficiency may mean the difference between a life saved to one lost. Aviation dispatchers are responsible for much larger cargo, and safeguarding both incoming and outgoing aircrafts. Every industry type relies on the dispatcher in a different way, but every dependency is essential to the wellbeing of the company, and in some cases, an entire neighborhood (ex. consider a broken gas line or water line). As a communication expert, you won’t be limited to working in a single industry if you decide to change fields.

Becoming a dispatcher also means becoming an essential part of a team. It’s also a safer and more regulated job for those who have families at home, or for those who prefer not to travel. If you are looking for a valued employment with purpose, than consider enrolling in a few courses to see if it’s the career path for you.

Visit the Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute (CATI) for more information on dispatch courses.