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Career Advice: How to Manage Your Online Reputation

7 FEB 2014

These days, what your online presence says about you is paramount to how potential employers, clients and even potential significant others will view you. If someone Googles you only to find a bunch of angry rants on news sites, embarrassing or compromising photos of you and a whole bunch of message board accounts that you use to start flame wars and insult people, well they’re not going to be very impressed. Keeping your online reputation spotless can be even more important than your real-life one, because there’s always going to be a record online of what you’re like. With a little forethought and some strategic social media surgery, you can shape your online presence to reflect how you want to be seen. This great post by Academy of Learning College Alberta has some excellent pointers on how to get your online presence in ship shape for potential employers and even future hot dates.

“While cleaning up the mess you’ve made thus far is a great start on the road to a clean, enticing internet presence, it’s not the end of the road. You need to be proactive and make sure that anything you post or make visible online, you’re okay with anyone seeing. If you want to be politically outspoken, you have to take the risk that some employers won’t hire you because of that. Do you really want to be the person involved in a comment war on a news site about whether someone has accounting training or not? Arguments are fine, as long as they’re done with respect and professionalism, but just plain malice is a terrible way to get people to notice you.”