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Can a Car Salesman Benefit From a Mechanic’s Education?

16 NOV 2012
Career Path : Automotive

It is quite the negative stereotype we have of car salesmen in our society as being mistrustful people. Perhaps the reason for this is that when we walk into a car dealership and are confronted with a salesperson, we ask ourselves if their enthusiasm and loyalty to their product is genuine, or is it merely because they are employed at that particular brand’s dealership. If a salesperson is working at Toyota, for example, they might insist that Toyota is far superior to Honda and give you many reasons. But if next week, that salesperson is offered a better job at a Honda dealership, they would easily flip their argument, arguing for Honda over Toyota.


Auto mechanics have a slightly different relationship to the cars they build and work on. One might trust a mechanic more because we assume their knowledge is genuine due to the fact that they truly know the ins and outs of how their cars are manufactured, and are not merely relaying statistics from a salesmen’s handbook. The assumption is that people who build things take pride in their products, maybe more than people who just sell them.


Now this isn’t necessarily the truth. A mechanic might believe that a rival’s car is better-made than their brand, while a salesperson might have a true commitment to the brand they work for. Nevertheless, if one is considering a career in either field, attending an automotive training centre with programs both in mechanics and sales can only result in a more rounded and educated professional in either field, but probably more so for a salesperson.


How a mechanic would make a good salesperson

The main reason for this is knowledge. The more one understands about how a car is made, the better able one is to inform customers. It relieves the customer’s suspicions that a salesperson would say anything to impress them, because they would make it their priority to explain and give good, foundational reasons why this car is made better than the next. The mechanic’s edge instills a pride in their product that translates to honest sales.


Some setbacks for a mechanic wanting to go into sales

With extensive auto technician training, a salesperson might make the mistake of assuming the customer has a much greater knowledge of how cars work. This runs the risk of speaking too technically, or in jargon, which can confuse and alienate the customer, making them think they are being manipulated with complex and impressive data.


In conclusion, a salesperson would definitely benefit from having a solid background in auto mechanics. But this transition is not completely smooth if that person does not have any training in sales as well, specifically to learn good customer communication. In the end, a great education in the product’s manufacturing only goes so far without the people skills that salespeople depend upon.


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