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Car Industry Trends Affecting Automotive Careers

10 MAY 2012
Career Path : Automotive

Automotive careers are in transition. The industry has been turned upside down by fuel prices, the need for cleaner technologies, economic uncertainty, the demise of manufacturing in North America, horrific natural disasters in Asia… I could go on and on. No one can say with certainty what the future holds for the car industry, but here are seven trends that are likely to impact the careers of students currently in auto sales college.

1. Auto sales college will need to prepare students to cater to educated customers.

Studies have shown that the average customer now conducts Internet research before making a major purchase, i.e., a purchase over $500. Graduates of auto sales college must be prepared to tailor their sales pitches to this educated audience.

2. People have been holding on the same car for longer, emphasis on “have been.”

In these uncertain economic times, the North American population has been holding on to their old cars for longer. This year, an increased demand for new cars is expected, in part, because of built-up demand from the past few years. This could create new opportunities for graduates of auto sales college to practice their new-car selling skills.

Most recent graduates of auto sales college are more familiar with another reality: a hot used car sales market.

3. Energy efficiency matters more to today’s consumers than comfort or size.

Savvy grads of auto sales college will take the time to find out what matters most to their prospective clients. Increasingly, energy efficiency is one of the most sought after attributes for a vehicle.

4. Grads of auto sales college will be communicating with potential customers via smart phones and social networking sites.

Increasingly, grads of auto sales college will reach out to their prospects via text, social media sites, etc. Auto sales will be going viral.

5. Customers are curious to try new, cleaner technologies.

The cars that you end up selling after auto sales college may not be anything like the gas-powered cars you most likely grew up with. Hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles are becoming more feasible options.

6. The remaining gas-powered vehicles will get more efficient.

The educated customers that you serve after auto sales college will want to know how much mileage they can get out of each tank of gas. Manufacturers of gas-powered vehicles are competing to make their models more fuel efficient.

7. The return of surplus new cars

The Japanese auto industry is expected to have recovered from the tsunami to the point that there may once again be a surplus of new cars, which will impact the used car market.

8. The comparatively high cost of buying a used car will contribute to new car sales.

Savvy graduates of auto sales college will keep abreast of new trends to adapt to the changes in the car industry.