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What’s New In Canadian Film And Television

15 NOV 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Beginning with the film “The Corporation” by Mark Achbar, Canadian films concerned with Canadian identity and issues have garnered a cult following. This is due to the divergence of Canadian film and television from the American film industry. Traditionally, the American and Canadian film industries were deeply intertwined, with the Canadian film industry heavily influenced by its American counterparts. Albert Nerenburg’s underground hit “Escape to Canada” is also responsible for this resurgence of Canadian pride in its feature films. Both Achbar’s and Nerenburg’s films nurture Canada’s homegrown talent from film schools in Canada, particularly those coming from film school in Toronto.

French language cinema is also a rising power in the Canadian film industry. A decade ago, French language films made up about 20% of the domestic box office. This is a result of the reforms made in 2001 by the Department of Canadian Heritage, when it gave extra funds to Telefilm Canada to develop the film industry in Canada. The result now is French language films are coming back into vogue. French language films are holding firm at 20% of the market. Before 2001, the market share for Canadian films was 1.4% and has risen to 3.6% now.

Toronto is now the largest cinema center in Canada. Before 2011, the city producing the most movies in Canada was Vancouver. Toronto is now taking the lead because of the influence of the new talent emerging from film schools in Toronto and film schools in Canada. Toronto is retaining its talent better now than it ever has before. For the first time in a decade, Toronto’s screen based industry generated over one billion dollars in revenue. Toronto at the moment is unrivaled in Canada in terms of infrastructure for making movies. Some of the best editing and computer effects studios on the continent are located in Toronto at the moment, which trickles down to every film school in Toronto. It is no surprise that Toronto is trailing only Los Angeles and New York City as the top movie producing city in North America. In 2011, Toronto saw the largest percentage increase in overall production spending, up 25% from 2010.

The film industry in Canada has a bright future for young students entering the industry today. As it expands, the potential for talented film students grows with it. No time has been better to attend film schools in Canada and explore that creative potential than now. Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa have the most promising prospects for film students seeking a career in this exciting field for the whole country. High school students with any interest in Canada’s film industry should not be discouraged from a great opportunity to grow with these exciting times.

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