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Canadian Film Festivals

20 FEB 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Canada is home to numerous film festivals, big and small. A particular speciality of the country, thanks to its large immigrant population, is international film festivals, specializing in all sorts of different foreign language films. In Canada, all major cities have at least one or two big film festivals, and the larger cities have festivals that are internationally recognized. For the country, this is both a good way to show off the work of film schools in Canada, and to connect globally.


Summertime is the most popular season for outdoor festivals. Canadian winter weather can last for half the year, with first snow showing up as early as the end of October and failing to depart until mid-April. But by May, Canadian cities are ready to roll out the projector and generally offer free films in parks, or even close off streets to cars. Meanwhile many theatres will engage in deals with festival organizers for year round film fests.


Sometimes an international film festival is hosted by a particular embassy or immigrant and expatriate community group. In that case the films may be for the entertainment of the locals-from-abroad, or as a dorm of general diplomatic outreach. Again, like outdoor festivals the films will usually be free, and may be a mix of classics and new releases. These tend to be extremely popular and well attended by all sorts of people.


The other sort of international film festival covers movies from around the world. Those tend to be more competitive, and are less about showing old favourites and more about picking the best of the newest. After making a movie, film production programs and workers will travel the world to stop off at different film festivals as part of their promotional efforts. If a film is particularly successful with the international circuit it could get a big screen release.


If it’s local films, there may be a government grant for the promotion of arts and culture. Sometimes this all starts with film schools in Canada needing to showcase the work of this term’s graduating class. These films are more likely to be shorts and definitely low budget. Outside of extreme film fans and occasionally seeing time in television as fillers, shorts generally do not get as much popular notice, though online film watching has changed these trends somewhat. Nonetheless a student film festival is a great way for a novice actor, videographer or director to get noticed. They also provide lots of room for experimentation and shorts, student or otherwise, can display some of the most diversity in film. This can also be part of a larger festival, for example weird art of all kinds can be found at various Fringe Festivals, while Pride, another popular Canadian festival, will show films specific to that audience.



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